Melaskin Organic Cream 100ml
Melaskin Organic Cream 100ml
Melaskin Organic Cream 100ml
Melaskin Remedy Instructions

Melaskin Remedy (100ml)

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Melaskin Remedy is a specialized organic cream that assists in the natural treatment of sun-damaged skin and a variety of viral and fungal problems.  It is a traditional healing balm, used for centuries, and now uniquely produced in an enhanced organic process. Melaskin Remedy is being widely accepted as a viable and natural treatment for a plethora of skin ailments.


Melaskin Remedy is a unique organic skincare product that has been developed by a highly qualified Chemist who is an acknowledged leader in the successful development of organic products.




African Sausage


Kigelia from the curiously named “sausage tree” with its strong antibacterial activity, is an ingredient that has been used for over 100 years by our indigenous people. It has earned absolute confidence in its treatment of Solar Keratosis ( a small thick scaly growth or lump on the skin which, if left untreated, could lead to a risk of skin cancer) and fungal infections. The Tonga women of the Zambesi valley regularly apply cosmetic preparations of Kigelia fruit to their faces to ensure a blemish-free complexion, and because of its excellent hydrating properties, makes an excellent face/night cream.

**  Antibacterial, fever blisters, sun damage, retards growth of “fast-dividing” cells, fungal infections


African Potato


The African potato has been found to be over 300 000 years old and has an extremely high phytosterol content that boosts the human immune system.

**  Natural immune booster, Solar keratosis, sun damage, sunburn, acne, rashes, cracked heels, stings




Sutherlandia (also known as the cancer bush) has anti-microbial properties and also has the ability to modulate the immune system in the skin. It has positive effects on acne, herpes, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and various viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.

**  Balances pH of the skin, chickenpox, fungal and viral conditions, such as athlete’s foot.


It is the combined synergy of these three components, Kigelia, African potato, and Sutherlandia that enables Melaskin Remedy to be an extremely effective skin treatment.


Melaskin Organic Cream is proud to be associated with PhytoTrade Africa, a Fair Trade organization promoting sustainable harvesting of indigenous plants in the wild. PhytoTrade actively monitors and controls the quantities harvested to protect our heritage and to ensure a constant supply of raw ingredients in the future, and in so doing, ensure the upliftment of local communities. It is an interesting fact that the potency of products harvested in their natural wild environment far exceeds those commercially grown plants.



Gently massage into the affected area at least twice a day. Melaskin Remedy can also be used as a night cream or general skin lotion.


Melaskin Remedy is packed in amber glass jars and is available in 100ml.



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