Sodium Dichloroacetate 150 Capsules (250mg)

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Sodium dichloroacetate, commonly referred to simply as dichloroacetate or DCA, is a buffered form of dichloroacetic acid.

This synthetic chemical compound has gained attention because it shows some potential as a cancer treatment.
The buffered form of dichloroacetic acid is not an acid and can be taken by mouth without causing burning.

Sodium dichloroacetate has been used for over 40 years to successfully treat congenital mitochondrial disorders.
In a healthy cell, when the mitochondria detects a defect in a cell, they initiate the suicide of the cell, which in biochemical terms is called apoptosis.

A hallmark of cancer is the ability of malignant cells to evade apoptosis.
The mitochondria are shut down and so cancer cells are almost immortal.
This effect extends to attacks by chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy, and explains why these treatments can be ineffective, whilst causing damage to healthy cells

Studies have shown that Dichloroacetate can turn the mitochondria of cancer cells back on, allowing them to spot the faults in the cell and self-destruct.


Suggested use:


Recommended Sodium dichloroacetate daily dose is 20 mg/kg daily. Example a 75 kg person x 20 mg/kg = 1500 milligrams daily.
Sodium dichloroacetate should be taken 2 times a day with food. One half in the morning, the second half in the evening.