Graviola 150 Capsules (800mg)

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The Graviola tree (Annona Muricata), also known as Soursop is native to tropical areas of Central and South America. It has a long history of use by traditional herbalists and has been used as a dietary supplement to treat many conditions.


Graviola extract has many compounds with antioxidant abilities including tannins, saponins, phytosterols, flavonoids, anthraquinones. Antioxidants assist with overall health and can be beneficial for preventing and repairing cell damage.


A number of different laboratory and animal studies have shown that Graviola extract is able to kill a variety of cancer cells. Graviola is fast gaining popularity as an alternative support in the fight against cancer.


Graviola may lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Studies have found that Graviola significantly reduced blood glucose and can reduce blood pressure.



As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 capsules twice daily. Do not exceed 2 capsules per day.


Caution: For adults only. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Consult a physician if taking medication, or if you have a medical condition.   

Keep out of reach of children.  


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