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Marine Collagen (500g)

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Marine Collagen is a pure form of hypoallergenic protein produced from fish, this type of collagen has 8 out of the 9 essential amino acids, with more glycine and proline amino acids than bovine collagen. Marine Collagen contains collagen type I and II which promote healthy hair, nail growth and the improvement of skin elasticity and hydration. Marine Collagen supports joint health and function, bone strength and maintains a healthy bodily function. Marine Collagen may also improve skin aging, cellulite morphology and appearance. This sought after super food may also assist with weight lose and promote healthy blood sugar balance.


SUGGESTED USE: Two teaspoons (10g) in 1 cup of water or juice once a day.


CAUTION: This product contains fish product, persons with fish allergies to consult with their physician before use.


For your convenience, we also sell Marine Collagen in 200g . To be redirected to this page, click here.

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