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Looking for Superfoods Lucuma Powder?

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  1. Soaring Free Superfoods Organic Lucuma Powder 50g

    Superfoods Organic Lucuma Powder 500g


    Lucuma fruit is a nutrient dense creamy Peruvian Superfruit from the Andean valleys of Peru and is a fruit known as as the Gold of the Incas.  Lucuma is revered by the ancient Incas for its delicious flavour and nutritional density.

    Lucuma is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins, especially beta-carotene, niacin and vitamin C.  It is also a good source of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and high concentrations of iron.  The carotenoids in Lucuma have powerfull antioxidant & immune-enhancing properties.  The combination of complex carbohydrates, minerals and fiber make it an excellent low-glycemic food source.

    Regular consumption can also increase energy levels in the body through the concentrations of iron promoting blood oxygenation.

    In its raw powder form, lacuma fruit can be used as a natural and nutritious sweetener, and it is an excellent flavouring for ice cream and smoothies.  Its sweet taste can be described as rich, creamy and malty.

    Soaring Free Superfoods Lucuma Powder is organic Lucuma fruit powder and comes with the European Union Organic Certification.

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