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  1. Magnesium Café Slow Carma + D-Ribose Sports Combo

    Magnesium Café Slow Carma + D-Ribose Sports Combo


    Magnesium Café Slow Carma + D-Ribose Sports Combo

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  2. Magnesium Café DPN Sublingual Drops 20ml

    Magnesium Café NAD+ DPN Sublingual Drops 20ml


    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD +) is a derivative of Vitamin B3. The NAD+ compound is found in every cell of the human body and plays a vital role in regulating the rate at which cells age. NAD+ levels are negatively impacted by an unhealthy, modern lifestyle. The decline in NAD+ levels in cells can be associated with over-consumption of fatty foods and alcohol, the sedentary lifestyle, DNA damage, aging and illness.

    ● Anti-aging through improved inter-cellular communication
    ● Clarity of mind and improved focus and concentration
    ● Relief from cravings
    ● Combatting unpleasant withdrawal symptoms


    ● Optimal energy production
    ● Improving the functional capacity of cells
    ● Prevent free radical formation in the mitochondria
    ● Clarity of mind and improved focus and concentration
    ● Reduces fatigue during and/or after exercise

    Suggested use

    Take 3 drops under the tongue as needed throughout the day. Use as required when experiencing cravings or lethargy. Do not exceed 10 doses per day. If this recommendation is followed an NAD+ Sublingual Drops bottle should last you up to 40 days.


    Active ingredient:  Each 20ml bottle contains 50mg Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide per 1ml.

    Other ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin

    *Magnesium Café products are produced and manufactured by Dr. Frank Muller – MB,ChB MMedSc (Pharmacology) (UFS)

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  3. Magnesium Café D-Ribose Powder 120g

    Magnesium Café D-Ribose Powder 120g


    Magnesium Café D-Ribose. The Key to Energy!

    The benefits of D-Ribose
    It reduces fatigue, protects the kidneys and the brain plus it boosts:
    • The absorption of minerals and vitamins in food
    • Energy production in all cells
    • Muscle strength
    • The heart muscle
    • Energy reserves
    • Stamina and endurance

    What is D-Ribose
    D-Ribose is a sugar-like molecule that your body uses to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the body’s most basic form of energy and the fuel burned by the cellular mitochondria.
    Our cells naturally produces D-Ribose but the process is slow and different organs produce different amounts. The liver, adrenal glands and fat tissue, are high producers. The heart, brain, nerve tissues and muscles on the other hand, produce only enough to meet their daily needs.

    How to use D-Ribose
    Since it is sold in a powder form, D-Ribose is easiest prepared mixed with a beverage. Its slightly sweet taste makes it a perfect addition with coffee or tea. Adding it to smoothies or mixing it with yogurt, makes for easy consumption. The recommended dosage is five (5) grams, two to three (2–3) times per day.
    As far as side effects go, D-Ribose may cause digestive upset in some people but most tolerate it just fine. If you are one of the unlucky few, simply reducing the dosage usually resolves any issues.
    Because D-Ribose is a sugar, some people worry it will raise blood glucose levels. The good news is that it will not increase your blood sugar level. In fact, there is evidence that D-ribose can lower it. If you are taking insulin to manage diabetes or are on another blood sugar lowering medication, please exercise caution with D-Ribose in order to avoid hypoglycemia.

    The critical role of D-Ribose in healthy hearts
    Under ideal circumstances, the heart produces just enough D-Ribose to maintain itself. However, production slows down when conditions are less than perfect - like when the heart does not consistently get enough blood or oxygen. When this happens, ATP production slows down as well. This dynamic is risky for heart patients because low oxygen levels and sluggish blood flow are common with cardiovascular disease. Therefore, people who find themselves in this position, are uniquely prone to having low D-Ribose and ATP levels.
    Having an acute ischemic event, like a heart attack, is even more problematic. In addition to rapidly and substantially depleting D-Ribose and ATP, these events further draw down the heart’s energy reserves as the body repairs damaged tissue. This could cause a vicious cycle to emerge where the heart begins to fail because its energy levels are low, but it cannot produce more energy because it is failing.
    Avoiding this vicious cycle, is the number one reason we recommend that all heart patients take daily D-Ribose supplements.

    Does D-Ribose have any other benefits
    D-Ribose benefits people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as well
    The muscle pain and stiffness characteristic of these conditions, can have debilitating effects on the quality of life of a person, yet conventional medicine struggles to effectively treat them.

    *Magnesium Café products are produced and manufactured by Dr. Frank Muller – MB,ChB MMedSc (Pharmacology) (UFS)

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