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Evox 100% Casien Protein1kg

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Evox 100% Casien Protein 1kg

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Slow digesting protein for round-the-clock muscle repair.

Evox 100% Casein Protein is a slow acting, slow digesting and slow absorbing protein, which assists in delivering a continual stream of amino acids to the muscles for an extended period of time. 100% Casein Protein continues to feed your muscles long after ingestion as it releases amino acids into the blood stream constantly. This constant release of amino acids helps prevent muscle breakdown.

What’s more, Evox 100% Casein Protein contains a high concentration of glutamine and is anti-catabolic which means it halts cellular breakdown in the body making it easier to put on muscle and repair tissue.

It’s ideal for any time your muscles are hungry for a long-lasting meal. Whether it’s between meals or before you go to bed our Evox 100% Casein Protein is the answer.

Evox 100% Casien Protein

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