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Evox Muscle Meal 5kg

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Evox Muscle Meal 5kg

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Gain muscle, gain mass and turn it into raw power!

Pack on slabs of muscle from day one with Evox 5XL Muscle Meal Shake.

5XL Muscle Meal is a premium blend carrying 41g of quality protein and 47g of carbs a serving. With 5XL Muscle Meal we have created a convenient supplement that helps you achieve a caloric surplus by adding in additional calories and nutrients to your diet, making your job of turning this protein/caloric surplus into rock hard muscle when you train, that much easier.

When you properly stress your muscles through resistance training and consume high quality calories and nutrients like those found in Evox 5XL Muscle meal, the body will use them to build new muscle.

If packing on slabs of muscles in as short a time as possible is your goal, 5XL Muscle Meal can help you create this caloric surplus while feeding you high quality calories and nutrients.

Evox Muscle Meal

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