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Bells Plantation PB2

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  1. PB2 Powered Peanut Butter 184g

    PB2 Powered Peanut Butter 184g (6.5 oz)


    PB2 Powered Peanut Butter

    “The original product and still Bell Plantation's best seller!”

    “Runner” variety peanuts, known for their wonderful flavor and good roasting quality are slow roasted and pressed to remove all of the fat and oil. The result is an exquisitely natural roasted peanut butter that is deliciously rich in taste, easy to enjoy and wonderfully healthy.

    From the inception of the first Bell Plantation product, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, it became apparent that:

    -  Peanuts are versatile and adapt well in a variety of non-traditional uses
    -  The fat typically associated with peanuts can be greatly reduced without losing the rich and satisfying flavor of the roasted peanuts
    -  The number of uses for PB2 and PB2 with Chocolate is limited only by the user’s imagination
    -  Eating healthy food doesn’t have to taste like eating cardboard!

    This product is Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher Certified

    Bell Plantation began, quite simply,  after J.C. Bell, CEO and owner,  was asked by the USDA to develop new and different products using peanuts.  At the time, there was a large surplus of stored peanuts in need of being used quickly.   The challenge was the marketplace couldn’t support more of the same peanut products.  

    Bell Plantation has grown from a web store business to an international company serving both retail and commercial customers.   The popularity of Bell Plantation products continues to rise not only because they taste good but because they are simple, natural products that happen to be good for you!

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